Friday, September 2, 2016

Removing black magic with gratitude prayer

Removing black magic with gratitude? It may sound surprising to you as you probably never heard gratitude could destroy black magic, but you will be shocked to see how powerful the feeling of thankfulness is. A 21-day special gratitude prayer to break black magic !!!! Be Thankful and appreciate God for every single blessing

1) Take a sheet of paper and pen 
2) Get a digital counter 
2) Write 5 things about your black magic problem which could have been worse, but didn't happen thanks to God's mercy. Give 200 thanks to God by using the digital counter. 
4) Write 5 positive things regarding your black magic and give 200 thanks to God for each thing using the counter. 
5) Write how happy and excited you will be when God finally ends your black magic problem? will you be grateful? Will you be ungrateful? How will black magic removal improve your life and circumstances. Write in detail. 

Explanation: Thinking of could-be-worse things powerfully shifts your focus to God and your ego gets reduced to zero, which automatically creates the feeling of gratitude and it forces you to give thanks to God for the favour He has done you. We know things could always be worse. There are people who are in much bigger problems than you. Why not look for could-be-worse things in everything and start acknowledging God's favours to us and feel gratitude?

How to write and use the counter to say thanks?
Write each point. Dwell on it while holding the counter in your hand. Start giving thanks by saying "Thank You God for having mercy on me". When you give one thank, press the counter. Say again, and press. Here you go !!!!!

In a few days of practice you will be shocked to see how much God loves appreciation and acknowledgement. Your black magic problem will vanish within 21 days.  


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