Thursday, September 1, 2016

Prayer for weight, fat loss

Powerful scientific five-step prayer for weight loss: Are you trying to cut fat and lose weight but still not seeing the results you want? You need this powerful prayer technique that will remove fat from your body miraculously. This prayer technique gives hundred percent results if practised according the steps mentioned below.

Step 1) Write your wish/goal on a sheet of paper or somewhere you can have a look at it at your convenience.
Write in big and bold letters:  "Weight loss by the Will of God in ________weeks/months/etc"

Step 2) Sit in a comfortable position. Choose a quite room where no distraction can occupy your mind. 

Step 3) With your eyes closed, say these words 100 times, slowly and deeply while feeling them: "God is able to all things and He is fully able to help me lose weight"

Step 4) Visualise 

Imagine that your prayer has been answered by God, using all your senses (eyes, ears, touch, etc)

Visualise yourself hearing: With eyes closed, imagine that your fat has gone. You are feeling light. Stand upright and imagine that you are seeing yourself in the mirror and you are telling your closest relative that how nice your new look is. Imagine your relative telling you in surprise that they are amazed by your new fat-free look.
Visualise feeling of touch: Now imagine that you are touching your fat-free stomach. Touch your arms that are now free from extra fat. Move on to your once-fatty neck that is now beautiful and slim. Feel the texture of your skin.

Step 5) Give Thanks to God 

Say Thank You to God for letting you pray to Him and accepting your prayer (both by tongue and in visualization).

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