Sunday, September 4, 2016

Prayer for making money

I know you are struggling to make money and you have had enough of praying and supplicating to God, but all you are getting is a little stream of cash not sufficient enough to help you get the things you desire? Here's a magical prayer that will shock you how God loves appreciation and praise !!!

This three-step prayer technique will create a miracle:
                             Desire > Visualize the desire fulfilled> Gratitude to God

How to follow the three steps?

Step 1) Desire

Write your desire in big and bold letters on a sheet of paper: "My desire is to make $3000 in one month. Making $3000 in a month may be hard for me, but not for GOD as HE has power over everything and  He is the most merciful"
Take this sheet of paper with you for every prayer session

Step 2) Visualize with gratitude God has fulfilled your desire of $2000 dollars earning in one month.

In the step 2, you will have to use all your sense to create a visualization of your desire having been fulfilled by God.
How to vizualize and give thanks to God:
Close your eyes, relax by taking 10 deep breaths. Create a mental scene that God has finally accepted your prayer of $3000 per month. Imagine yourself looking at your bank account. In your bank account, you can see the amount $3000 in cash.

Step 3) Let God know how happy and grateful you will be  (a five-minute visualization session based on questions how you will react when God finally manifests your prayer of earning $3000 per month).

How much grateful will you be to God when He accepts your prayer.?
Why would you be grateful to God when He accepts your prayer?

In the third and final step, close your eyes and raise a question in your mind that how much grateful you will be to God when he eventually manifests your desire of $3000 per month. Visualize using all five senses (seeing, listening, touching, smelling, and feeling) to create a powerful mental scene. How to use all five senses in visualization: In your mental scene with your eyes closed, feel the joy of your prayer having been accepted while giving intense thanks to God. Listen yourself praising and appreciating God's power and mercy that He had mercy on you and made it possible for you to start earning $3000 per month. Imagine that you are withdrawing notes from your ATM machine, touching and smelling the fresh notes. Hear yourself telling your relatives of your prayer having been accepted by God. Praise God by saying "Thank you God"

Note: It is a 21-day prayer technique that should take about half an hour. It is definitely worth the time and effort. You will be amazed how God works !!!!!

Be grateful for reading this post. I pray for your success.

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