Monday, September 5, 2016

Prayer for increase in sales

Do you want to experience a miracle in your business sales and profit? If yest, then get ready for a big big surprise !!!

Prayer steps:
Step 1) Desire/wish/goal
Step 2) Let God know by visualizing how much grateful and excited you will be if God accepts your prayer

This increase-in-sales-prayer is based on "gratitude to God". You know your desire isn't yet fulfilled, but in order to get an increase in sales, you will have to let God know by imagining what you will be giving to him if He accepts your prayer and gives an increase in sales? All you can give God is "intense gratitude." 

You will have to convince God that you will not take this upcoming blessing (increase in sale) for granted !!!!!

This miracle prayer will shock you how much God loves appreciation and praise......

The acceptance of this prayer will largely depend on simply imagining/visualising how much grateful you will be when God finally gives an increase in your sales..............

This prayer technique will connect you to God like never before. You will stop being an ungrateful soul and start being grateful every single moment. 

I will explain the steps to getting your prayer fulfilled by God.

Step 1) Desire

Be specific and clear. Write your desire on a sheet of paper. For example: $10,000 in August.
The purpose of writing your desire is to keep reminding you of your desire. Have a look at it on a daily basis.

Step 2) Visualize how much excited and grateful you will be God if he accepts your prayer.

Spend five minutes on this visualisation session:
Close your eyes. Take ten deep breaths. Imagine God has finally accepted your prayer. You are seeing your income statement and you can see $10,000 sales in your imagination. Now, in your imagination, tell God how much you are happy for making $10,000 and say "Thank you God for doing me this huge favor" Hear yourself saying out loud in your imagination "God, this was not possible, but with your mercy and power, everything is possible. Thanks a million God"

 Note: Repeat this five-minute gratitude prayer at least twice a day. Choose morning time.

Please let me know how well you did with this prayer session. Looking forward to your feedback.

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