Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gratitude prayer for weight loss

Gratitude prayer for weight loss. I bet you will be shocked to see how a little practice of gratitude can cut your fat. God loves praise and appreciation !
I promise you can lose weight easily. If you follow the gratitude technique you will definitely lose weight.
This is a half-an-hour gratitude practice (for thirty days) that must follow these two steps strictly:

Step 1) Prayer
1) Please God forgive me for every single mistake I and my ancestors have made.
2) I really love you
3) I will be extremely grateful to you when you finally give me my desired fat-free look. I promise I will stop being ungrateful towards any of your blessings.

Step 2) Visualize how much grateful you will be to God when you lose weight.

* Five-minute imagination of how much grateful you will be to God when He finally gives you a fat-free look.

Sit in a quite room. Start thinking and imagining how you will be responding to God when He eventually (don't worry about how long it takes as God knows when is the best time) cuts your fat according to your wish. Will you be extremely grateful???? Imagine you have lost your weight. Now Just let God know by imagining you are thanking him in a big way, praising Him for His power and mercy. Make a mental picture of yourself in a fat-free look and giving extreme gratitude to God in your imagination. Say Thank You God for cutting my fat. Touch your belly and feel intense gratitude for God for this huge favor. Look at your fat-free arms and say "Thanks a million God. I love You."

Note: Visualization is a God's gift every human possesses. Use it to let God know of exactly what type of look you want and how exactly you will be giving gratitude to Him in return for the favor He is going to do you !!!

Practice it for thirty days straight and get surprised by how much God loves genuine praise and His appreciation. You will be blown away !

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