Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Quran verses on creation of man

There are several places in Quran where Allah has mentioned creation of man. Here are the verses that cover creation of man. Allah has talked about the creation of man in different aspects, both spiritual and physical aspects.

1. Surah Al-An'am (Chapter 6, verses no. 2)

Quran verses on gratitude

These are Quran verses on Gratitude (shukr and thankfulness). The list of verses on gratitude will keep getting updated from time to time and if you find any verse covering gratitude, please let me know as I will be updating.

1۔ Surah Luqman (Chapter 21, verse no. 12)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Prayer for success

Here are some of the best and easy-to-memorize prayers for success.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gratitude prayer for weight loss

Gratitude prayer for weight loss. I bet you will be shocked to see how a little practice of gratitude can cut your fat. God loves praise and appreciation !
I promise you can lose weight easily. If you follow the gratitude technique you will definitely lose weight.
This is a half-an-hour gratitude practice (for thirty days) that must follow these two steps strictly:

Step 1) Prayer
1) Please God forgive me for every single mistake I and my ancestors have made.
2) I really love you
3) I will be extremely grateful to you when you finally give me my desired fat-free look. I promise I will stop being ungrateful towards any of your blessings.

Step 2) Visualize how much grateful you will be to God when you lose weight.

* Five-minute imagination of how much grateful you will be to God when He finally gives you a fat-free look.

Sit in a quite room. Start thinking and imagining how you will be responding to God when He eventually (don't worry about how long it takes as God knows when is the best time) cuts your fat according to your wish. Will you be extremely grateful???? Imagine you have lost your weight. Now Just let God know by imagining you are thanking him in a big way, praising Him for His power and mercy. Make a mental picture of yourself in a fat-free look and giving extreme gratitude to God in your imagination. Say Thank You God for cutting my fat. Touch your belly and feel intense gratitude for God for this huge favor. Look at your fat-free arms and say "Thanks a million God. I love You."

Note: Visualization is a God's gift every human possesses. Use it to let God know of exactly what type of look you want and how exactly you will be giving gratitude to Him in return for the favor He is going to do you !!!

Practice it for thirty days straight and get surprised by how much God loves genuine praise and His appreciation. You will be blown away !

Monday, September 5, 2016

Prayer for increase in sales

Do you want to experience a miracle in your business sales and profit? If yest, then get ready for a big big surprise !!!

Prayer steps:
Step 1) Desire/wish/goal
Step 2) Let God know by visualizing how much grateful and excited you will be if God accepts your prayer

This increase-in-sales-prayer is based on "gratitude to God". You know your desire isn't yet fulfilled, but in order to get an increase in sales, you will have to let God know by imagining what you will be giving to him if He accepts your prayer and gives an increase in sales? All you can give God is "intense gratitude." 

You will have to convince God that you will not take this upcoming blessing (increase in sale) for granted !!!!!

This miracle prayer will shock you how much God loves appreciation and praise......

The acceptance of this prayer will largely depend on simply imagining/visualising how much grateful you will be when God finally gives an increase in your sales..............

This prayer technique will connect you to God like never before. You will stop being an ungrateful soul and start being grateful every single moment. 

I will explain the steps to getting your prayer fulfilled by God.

Step 1) Desire

Be specific and clear. Write your desire on a sheet of paper. For example: $10,000 in August.
The purpose of writing your desire is to keep reminding you of your desire. Have a look at it on a daily basis.

Step 2) Visualize how much excited and grateful you will be God if he accepts your prayer.

Spend five minutes on this visualisation session:
Close your eyes. Take ten deep breaths. Imagine God has finally accepted your prayer. You are seeing your income statement and you can see $10,000 sales in your imagination. Now, in your imagination, tell God how much you are happy for making $10,000 and say "Thank you God for doing me this huge favor" Hear yourself saying out loud in your imagination "God, this was not possible, but with your mercy and power, everything is possible. Thanks a million God"

 Note: Repeat this five-minute gratitude prayer at least twice a day. Choose morning time.

Please let me know how well you did with this prayer session. Looking forward to your feedback.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Prayer for making money

I know you are struggling to make money and you have had enough of praying and supplicating to God, but all you are getting is a little stream of cash not sufficient enough to help you get the things you desire? Here's a magical prayer that will shock you how God loves appreciation and praise !!!

This three-step prayer technique will create a miracle:
                             Desire > Visualize the desire fulfilled> Gratitude to God

How to follow the three steps?

Step 1) Desire

Write your desire in big and bold letters on a sheet of paper: "My desire is to make $3000 in one month. Making $3000 in a month may be hard for me, but not for GOD as HE has power over everything and  He is the most merciful"
Take this sheet of paper with you for every prayer session

Step 2) Visualize with gratitude God has fulfilled your desire of $2000 dollars earning in one month.

In the step 2, you will have to use all your sense to create a visualization of your desire having been fulfilled by God.
How to vizualize and give thanks to God:
Close your eyes, relax by taking 10 deep breaths. Create a mental scene that God has finally accepted your prayer of $3000 per month. Imagine yourself looking at your bank account. In your bank account, you can see the amount $3000 in cash.

Step 3) Let God know how happy and grateful you will be  (a five-minute visualization session based on questions how you will react when God finally manifests your prayer of earning $3000 per month).

How much grateful will you be to God when He accepts your prayer.?
Why would you be grateful to God when He accepts your prayer?

In the third and final step, close your eyes and raise a question in your mind that how much grateful you will be to God when he eventually manifests your desire of $3000 per month. Visualize using all five senses (seeing, listening, touching, smelling, and feeling) to create a powerful mental scene. How to use all five senses in visualization: In your mental scene with your eyes closed, feel the joy of your prayer having been accepted while giving intense thanks to God. Listen yourself praising and appreciating God's power and mercy that He had mercy on you and made it possible for you to start earning $3000 per month. Imagine that you are withdrawing notes from your ATM machine, touching and smelling the fresh notes. Hear yourself telling your relatives of your prayer having been accepted by God. Praise God by saying "Thank you God"

Note: It is a 21-day prayer technique that should take about half an hour. It is definitely worth the time and effort. You will be amazed how God works !!!!!

Be grateful for reading this post. I pray for your success.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Removing black magic with gratitude prayer

Removing black magic with gratitude? It may sound surprising to you as you probably never heard gratitude could destroy black magic, but you will be shocked to see how powerful the feeling of thankfulness is. A 21-day special gratitude prayer to break black magic !!!! Be Thankful and appreciate God for every single blessing

1) Take a sheet of paper and pen 
2) Get a digital counter 
2) Write 5 things about your black magic problem which could have been worse, but didn't happen thanks to God's mercy. Give 200 thanks to God by using the digital counter. 
4) Write 5 positive things regarding your black magic and give 200 thanks to God for each thing using the counter. 
5) Write how happy and excited you will be when God finally ends your black magic problem? will you be grateful? Will you be ungrateful? How will black magic removal improve your life and circumstances. Write in detail. 

Explanation: Thinking of could-be-worse things powerfully shifts your focus to God and your ego gets reduced to zero, which automatically creates the feeling of gratitude and it forces you to give thanks to God for the favour He has done you. We know things could always be worse. There are people who are in much bigger problems than you. Why not look for could-be-worse things in everything and start acknowledging God's favours to us and feel gratitude?

How to write and use the counter to say thanks?
Write each point. Dwell on it while holding the counter in your hand. Start giving thanks by saying "Thank You God for having mercy on me". When you give one thank, press the counter. Say again, and press. Here you go !!!!!

In a few days of practice you will be shocked to see how much God loves appreciation and acknowledgement. Your black magic problem will vanish within 21 days.  

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Prayer for finding a new job

Prayer for new job: Finding a new job with this magical five-step prayer is so easy and it will surprise you how God accepts prayers. Appreciating and praising (gratitude) God is the most powerful symbol of surrender and this is why God likes it when we pray with thankfulness.

Step 1) Sit in a comfortable quite room

Step 2) Close your eyes. Take 10 deep breaths

Step 3) With eyes closed, say these words in your heart and verbally 40 times: “Please God help me find a new job as I know you love me and you are able to all things”

Step 4) Imagine the excitement and happiness you will feel when God finally gives you a new job.
Explanation: This step is very important. Imagine in detail the excitement you will feel. Imagine going to office for the first day. Imagine receiving your first salary and how happy you will be.  

Step 5) Spend two minutes giving thanks to God in advance for the new job you are going to get.

Repeat this practice every day. If you can do it twice a day, that is even better. Remember one-off prayers are not strong as it shows you are not serious enough in pursuing your goals.

Note: Step 4 and Step 5 are very important. Imagine and visualise in detail how happy and excited you will be when your prayer is accepted. Imagine the situation. God accepts prayers that are clear, and in detail. Unclear, emotionless prayers get rejected one hundred percent of the time. 

Prayer for weight, fat loss

Powerful scientific five-step prayer for weight loss: Are you trying to cut fat and lose weight but still not seeing the results you want? You need this powerful prayer technique that will remove fat from your body miraculously. This prayer technique gives hundred percent results if practised according the steps mentioned below.

Step 1) Write your wish/goal on a sheet of paper or somewhere you can have a look at it at your convenience.
Write in big and bold letters:  "Weight loss by the Will of God in ________weeks/months/etc"

Step 2) Sit in a comfortable position. Choose a quite room where no distraction can occupy your mind. 

Step 3) With your eyes closed, say these words 100 times, slowly and deeply while feeling them: "God is able to all things and He is fully able to help me lose weight"

Step 4) Visualise 

Imagine that your prayer has been answered by God, using all your senses (eyes, ears, touch, etc)

Visualise yourself hearing: With eyes closed, imagine that your fat has gone. You are feeling light. Stand upright and imagine that you are seeing yourself in the mirror and you are telling your closest relative that how nice your new look is. Imagine your relative telling you in surprise that they are amazed by your new fat-free look.
Visualise feeling of touch: Now imagine that you are touching your fat-free stomach. Touch your arms that are now free from extra fat. Move on to your once-fatty neck that is now beautiful and slim. Feel the texture of your skin.

Step 5) Give Thanks to God 

Say Thank You to God for letting you pray to Him and accepting your prayer (both by tongue and in visualization).